Som Tam

Wandered around the upper levels of Orchard Central in search of something to eat, visited Som Tam which is by the group that runs Gin Khao. So what’s the difference between the 2 since both are seemingly Thai names? Som Tam is supposed to be a modern Thai Fusion place.

Fusion or not, I want my Chicken wings done the classic style~ Wings Phet Phet Deep-fried wings with spicy Tom Yum seasoning. 


The next dish is less commonly found in typical Thai eateries here. Phad Kang Kaneng Phet Stir-fried sumptuous slipper lobster, blended with Thai red curry & runny egg. A nice dish with the savoury gravy which pairs well with jasmine rice but since they used slipper lobsters the meat is quite little.


Thai Garlic Seafood Fried Rice Feast of seafood tossed in Thai garlic and flavourful Hom Mali rice sounds like a mix of Japanese garlic fried rice with Thai flavours? It tasted peppery but with a dash of lime, it brought out the “thai-ness” of this dish. The greenish looking drink is Thai Matcha Latte, another Jap-Thai fusion drink? Other than the artificially green colour, it taste quite nice. I guessed they used Thai tea as base as I could taste the unique flavour and added matcha powder for this drink.

Last but not least dessert of Thai Hot Basil Gelato with Sliced Mango. I was attracted to this dessert cos of Basil Gelato. Increasingly we are seeing a lot of chefs tried to use herbs to make desserts and I was curious as to how this dessert tasted. Although it sounded like a odd combination, it turned out pretty well! The sweet mangoes with the aromatic basil gelato. This is a truly East-meets-West kind of dessert.

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