Golden Peony

Missing good Chinese food and decided to visit Golden Peony in Conrad for a feast as we are nearing the mid-autumn festival.

Started with appetizer platter of Crispy Swan Pastry stuffed with foie gras, truffle and minced chicken, Fresh Prawn with minced garlic, Roast Peking duck with parma ham, pineapple and crispy beancurd skin rolled in homemade crepe.


Followed by the nourishing Double-boiled Mini Buddha Jump over the Wall with Abalone and Baked Canadian Sea Perch with Red Wine Sauce. The buddha jump over the wall was filled with superb quality ingredients, all supple and juicy~

The highly-anticipated Pan-fried Wagyu Beef was served. The size was much bigger than I expected, wagyu beef suppose to have a buttery texture hence would feel gelard if eaten in huge portion. This one served is more meaty than buttery though.

After the protein dish, we were served with a Calamari Juice as palate cleanser before we move onto the final main – Braised Lobster Meat with Superior Stock, Ginger and Spring Onion served with Spinach Noodle. I was really full by then and could only finish the lobster along with a few bites of the noodle. This is a seemingly light dish but packs flavours from the stock and spring onion. Contrary to the earlier wagyu, I was expecting a bigger piece of lobster meat.


Ending the meal with soothing Double-boiled Bird’s Nest with Red Dates, accompanied with Crispy Glutinous Rice Ball with Sesame Paste.

Felt so nourished by the soup and the dessert after this feast. Replenished lots of collagen.

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