Tempura Kohaku

After the 4 hours visit to Gardens by the Bay, we were somewhat tired. In fact I was surprised that it could be so tiring? Perhaps due to Singapore’s humid weather – we spent 2 hours outdoor waiting for the lightshow at Supertree Grove. While making our way to the Marina Bay Sands tower, I was cracking my brain to think of what to eat for dinner. Neither of us felt like having a meal at the restaurants in MBS since we will be doing so in a week or two during Restaurant Week. We took the MRT to Suntec City and made our way to explore the newly opened Tempura Kohaku.

I’ve heard that the queue to get into Tempura Kohaku is comparable to another famous tempura outlet – Tendon Ginza Itsuki at Tanjong Pagar. I guess I wouldn’t have the patience to queue for it during a normal weekday after work…

Shortly after we joined the queue, at about 8.45pm the staff told us that we were the last customers for the day. They told us to inform others who attempt to join the queue behind us. *A tip to those who reached and were told the same thing, a trick is DON’T GIVE UP!* Eventually we saw them letting in a few other groups of customers in after us as well. Sometimes its just a matter of luck as staff had to make an estimation based on the ingredients/rice left, so you might get lucky and still get your bowl of tendon even if you reach at 9.30pm (LO).


We tried the Tendon Set which comprised of a bowl of Tendon, a small portion of udon and Tsukemono (pickled vegetables). The tendon was spicy and non-spicy flavours and we had once of each. Both looked rather similar but one of the gravy is slightly redder (the one on the right) and is quite spicy! Folks who like spicy food might enjoy slurping up the rice coated with the spicy gravy~


I think it is probably more value for money if we order the ala carte tendon bowl which cost $15.90 versus the set at $19.90. The pickled vegetables seems to be complimentary for all guests regardless of whether you ordered set or ala carte… The pickled vegetables played an important role in helping to cut through the oiliness of the fried food.

For $15.90, the ingredients given are quite generous including prawn, crab stick, chicken meat, mushroom, pumpkin etc. The ingredients were well-fried, all coated with a light layer of batter, however I didn’t appreciate the rather tough chicken breast meat. I got 2 large pieces of the breast meat which I didn’t finish…

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