Kin Cow

Despite having visited Bangkok a couple of times, I’ve yet to try the famous Boat Noodles there. Kin Cow uses a recipe from Sud Yod, a famous boat noodle brand in Bangkok (this is according to an article published in Straits Times).

When I visited the outlet in Chinatown Point, I was delighted to see that they offer a range of beef cuts to go with the noodles. Instead of the standard shredded bits of beef, which is often quite pathetic, they have option of brisket, short rib, sirloin, ribeye or wagyu. Unfortunately when I asked for wagyu, they told me its not available…Therefore I opted for ribeye with glass noodles soup.

As I’ve not tasted authentic Boat Noodles in Thailand, I’m not sure if the light and clear soup style is the original way that the Thais enjoy it? The other beef noodles I’ve had in Singapore then to be slightly more savoury than the one at Kin Cow. I’m also missing the spicy chili sauce as condiment to add to the soup. *photos from other customers seems to show that they have 3 types of condiments on the table along with a saucer…am I blind or they were missing from my table?*


Although the beef slices were perfectly blanched, with bits of pinkish meat still visible when it was first served, the soup was a bit bland for my taste bud.

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