Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Capsules~ 2016

The 2016 Limited Edition Variations Capsules was introduced in November, slightly earlier than I expected. When I first saw the news on Instagram, we eagerly visited the new Raffles City branch to get them. This is also the first time we get to purchase the capsules at the new lower pricing for Singapore. Prices of the capsules are said to be reduced by about 20 to 30 per cent. However this doesn’t deter me from lugging capsules from overseas which are still cheaper.

On our first visit to the new branch, they happened to be closed for private event. The year end limited edition usually sells like hotcakes and literally fly off the shelves. We had to make another trip the next day to get our hands on this year’s collection. The collection  is inspired by traditional Austrian pastries, therefore it featured Linzer Torte, Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel. Same as other variations using Livanto as base, this series has a modest intensity level of 6.

Linzer Torte is a pastry named after the Austrian city of Linz. It has a crumbly pastry base with relatively sweet jam filling and a signature lattice top. I felt that the coffee had a very strong cherry flavour with its sweet smell.


Sachertorte is a world famous chocolate cake invented in Vienna. We had an extremely packed itinerary when we visited Vienna and we missed out on the chance to try the original cake in Hotel Sacher Wien. Although this capsule is inspired by the chocolate cake, I tasted more of the Apricot notes and not so much of the chocolate.

After feeling disappointed with the 2 capsules that had very strong fruity notes, I finally found Apfelstrudel to be just right for my taste bud. It has a light apple taste along with a hint of cinnamon.

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