Kanshoku Ramen Bar

After countless times of passing by Kanshoku Ramen Bar that has a perpetual queue outside, we finally joined the crowd. Feeling tired from shopping, we decided to get in line and spend some time queuing to try their ramen.

We ordered their famous Truffle Ramen and their Signature Kanshoku Ramen. At first glance the Truffle Ramen may looked similar to normal ramen but the distinctive aroma of truffle can be felt once the staff placed the noodles in front of me. However based on my understanding, the truffle smell from flavourings such as truffle oil does not contain any truffle at all, they are made using compounds.

Nonetheless, I did see a thin slice of truffle in my bowl of noodles. For the price we paid for the ramen, I’m satisfied with the tiny bit. I also noticed that instead of the usual black fungus used for the standard ramen, the truffle ramen featured cabbages which were milder in flavour in order not to cover the taste of the truffle.


The Hakata Style Ramen uses thinner and firmer noodles than the normal ramen. The soup is usually white and milky. While the truffle ramen might be pretty unique, I am happy with the signature one. I often leave the best for last – my precious Ajitsuke Tamago. Having yolk which is not runny would totally ruin my meal. I’m happy to report that the ones served here were nicely cooked to perfection =)

Not forgetting the Gyozas that comes with a special dipping sauce which was super addictive. The owners must have tried and tested 1001 combinations to perfect the magical formulae for the savoury-spicy combination.


My only discomfort eating at the 313 outlet is the openness of the seating area. We were seated at a table nearer to the queue and felt rather pressured to quickly finish our meal by the peering eyes of those waiting in line….

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