The Daily Cut

After years of construction, the greenery park above Tanjong Pagar MRT has been replaced by the mega skyscraper – Tanjong Pagar Centre. Although I missed the small open park that provided some form of greenery amidst the concrete jungle in the financial district, I was also excited to see new F&B establishments occupying the basement and ground floor of the brand new development.

The Daily Cut opened their 3rd open at the basement level of the building right across the MRT foyer. It’s easy to spot the trend on where these “eat healthy” food establishments like to set-up businesses. Either near CBD where there are lots of (upper-middle class) people who are too busy working and don’t have time to exercise but want to feel like they made an effort to live healthier lifestyle; or near fitness centres where there are many health-conscious folks who want to eat something light and wholesome pre/post workout.

The order chit which allows diners to customise their own bowl is designed like a MCQ answer sheet that I used during GCE O/A level days. Instead of check boxes, they placed an oval shaped icon next to each ingredient listed. You can choose to either shade or tick the icons to indicate your choices. I guess other than going to place a bet at Singapore Pools which requires people to fully shade the boxes, most people probably just endorse their choices with the Nike logo =)


What I liked about The Daily Cut’s menu is the option of choosing a Petite size meal from $9. I think this sizing is just perfect for OLs or small eaters. So what does the Petite size portion consist of? It has every components of a balanced meal including 1/2 Protein, 1 Carb, 2 Supplements, 1 Topping and 1 Dress. The difference between the petite size and a regular size is the portion of protein and 1 additional choice of supplement.

The wide variety of supplement choices is also one of the key reason why I was so attracted to them. There are a total of close to 20 choices ranging from greens to lugumes. Even picker eaters can find something that suit their taste buds.

For my meal, I chose the Salmon (+$2), Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Zucchini, Furikake and Ginger-Ponzu dressing. It was certainly filling enough for me as lunch meal. Notably the dishes were all still lukewarm after I brought the lunchbox home. The supplements were also well seasoned and I could also smell the slightly charred aroma from the sweet corns and zucchini.

I hope they maintain the wide range of choices even on weekends whereby the foot traffic is significantly lower than weekdays.

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