Bazuka Yakibuta

Discovered Bazuka Yakibuta while surfing the food delivery portal. Hadn’t heard of this Japanese donburi eatery at all until I went ahead to check out where their outlets are located. Realised that they have outlets at NUH and Great World City. Great World City is not unfamiliar to me but I don’t recall having seen the outlet there. So we went to hunt down where are they located and seems like it is merely a takeaway stand. So I guess it makes sense ordering Bazuka Yakibuta through food delivery portals. 

The menu is simple, choose from donburi or platter with choice of meat: Caramel Roast Pork or Crackling Roast Pork.

We ordered the combination bowl with both types of roast pork in it. Our bowl includes an onsen tamago with some pickes (to cut through the fatty meat).


Upon opening up the bowl, I first picked up a piece of the caramel roast pork which was sweet and not too charred. Followed by the crackling roast pork, which was more tender than the caramel version. However what caught me by surprise was the spicy chilli condiment! I think its like spicy dried shrimp sambal (hae bee hiam). I wonder if I could ask for extra portion of that in future!

Forgot to add that if you order the bowls online, when you receive the donburi, they put the unbroken onsen egg in the bowl so that you could break it yourself just before eating. Therefore the egg looked fresh and intact in my picture. The onsen egg was also spot-on in terms of achieving the right consistency of the yolk.

Other than the donburi, I will certainly keep this shop in mind in future if I need to purchase some meat platter for potluck or house party.

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