Dancing Crab

I first tried Louisiana-style seafood from Cajun On Wheels in Pasarbella. Their concept is providing affordable,  food truck kind of meals. So this time round we visited Dancing Crab (by TungLok Group) to enjoy the spread of fresh crab and shellfish.

Louisiania city, best known for jazz music and their lively and vibrant atmosphere. The vibes were somewhat felt at the restaurant through the casual set-up and young staff. Perhaps also because I was at the Vivo City branch where there are higher percentage of tourists, diners all seemed to be having a good time chatting. On the day of my visit, we heard the “Happy Birthday” song played at least 3 times! *Seriously, I think I’ll be embarrassed by the amount of attention drawn by the exuberant celebrations put up by the crew, but that’s just me* 

Now for the food, we had the Combo Bag #02 which has a combination of Prawns, Mussels, Clams, Corn & Sausages and added on a Sri Lankan Crab into the bag. All the combos are served with a choice of Dancing Crab Signature, Beurre Blanc, Zesty Garlic Butter or Creamy Pepper sauce.

As our order is considered as 2 mains, we chose Dancing Crab Signature for the shellfish and Zesty Garlic Butter for the crab.


When the first bag of shellfish was served, the staff asked if we wanted to have it in a bowl or on the table. For the fun of it, we asked them to pour it directly on the table. It also felt shiok to see a whole pile of seafood right before us!

Other than the fresh seafood, we were impressed by the sauces used. We were pretty happy that we made the right choices to pair the shellfish with Signature sauce and the Crab with the garlic butter. The Signature sauce has option of 3 spicy levels but has a sweet base. It was also more watery, perfect to coat the shellfish thoroughly. The garlic butter sauce is much thicker and rich. When paired with the crab, the gravy would be able to coat the crab lightly without being over-cloying.

Although chilli crab is our national dish, it is sometimes good to try eating crabs cooked using other cooking style.

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