Shimbashi Soba

Although we don’t have four seasons in Singapore, usually it should be rainy and cooling in December. The unusually hot weather this time of the year is making me lose my appetite…had craving for Soba. There aren’t many choices for good soba in Singapore and Shimbashi Soba seemed to be one of the restaurants that frequently pops up when I do a search for Soba (other than the Flying Soba place that I haven’t got a chance to try yet).


We started our meal with the Salmon Yukke Raw salmon slices with spicy sauce and raw quail egg. The secret of this dish lies with the sauce used to coat the raw salmon, which seems to consist of sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and lemon juice? It was an addictive dish and we wished the portion could be bigger.

For mains we had the Yuzu Kamo Tsukemen Seiro Chilled noodle served with French duck meat, mushrooms, fried beancurd and soft boiled egg in warm dipping broth, served with citrus-flavoured chilli paste. If you attempt to drink the broth alone, you might find it to be too savoury (although the broth has a sweet base) since it was meant to be a dipping broth. So the best way is the dip the soba and slurp the noodles up along with the broth. The broth was further enhanced through the addition of the citrus-flavoured chilli paste, which made the dish refreshing and appetizing. I finished the soba in a jiffy although I was not feeling hungry.


Other than the warm dipping noodles, we also tried the Kinokawa set, which comprised of several dishes including tempura, fried salmon, sashimi, chawanmushi, rice, mini chilled noodles and dessert. This one is for the “can’t-decide-what-i-want-to-eat” folks where you’ll get to sample a little of everything.

Personally I would prefer the soba with warm dipping broth than to try the assortment set. After-all the key feature of this restaurant is the freshly made soba. Previously I seldom eat Zaru Soba cos I felt it was not good to eat ‘cold’ stuff as a main course especially when restaurants serve the soba with ice cubes on it. Now that I discover warm soba, it was a great option for me to enjoy the healthy noodles more often.

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