YOLO Food‘s founder wanted a place that would make healthy eating more relatable to the mass market and not just the dieters and regular gym goers. One visible difference between YOLO’s shop and other healthy food store is the lack of an open clear glass cabinet with all the dishes displayed for customers to choose. In fact I’ve always thought they are some kind of fast food restaurant when I passed by the store. Somehow I also had the impression that they are a vegetarian restaurant…until I took the time to stop and read their menu.

They have signature pre-designed menus under 4 categories such as Shape-Up, Glow, Build or Energise, each with a different focus. However they also have the option of building your own meal, which I opted for. For $13.90, I get a choice between 1 protein, 2 sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce.


Compared to a few other healthy food bowls in the vicinity, the portion here seems slightly smaller. I also didn’t take to the idea of using disposable cutlery. Personally, I felt that the meal here didn’t really feel its worth the price.

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