Although Singapore is considered a tiny state and travelling around the island is relatively easy, I keep a list of food places that are notably in the areas that I seldom go to.  When I get the chance to be in the area, I can drop by to visit them. Creamier is one of them. Located in a relatively mature residential estate and not exactly near to MRT station, the area is one that I rarely visit.

Since I had to run an errand in the area, I’ve finally got the chance to try their famous hand-crafted ice cream. When I arrived at the shop located at ground floor of a block of HDB flats, the tiny eatery was half-full with majority being teenagers. From the rows of ice cream containers, I picked out the Roasted Pistachio and asked for it to be served on waffle.


The freshly made waffle was crisp on the outside and light on the inside. The nutty taste and earthy tone of the ice cream was really unique. Can’t believe that I actually finished this all by myself (considering that I’m a small eater)~ No wonder this place is so popular among the youths.

I hope they can set up some branches nearer to the town area to make it easier for me to try the other flavours they produce.

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