Sbcd Korean Tofu House

Sbcd Korean Tofu House is a new-to-market eatery that opened in Tanjong Pagar Centre. We were glad to see a new korean eatery in the area since the one that we usually go to for our seafood stew and gimbap had closed…

Initially I found it odd for a newcomer restaurant to occupy such a huge floor space (they even have private rooms). The restaurant owner must be very confident about the business prospects in Singapore. Upon checking up on the internet, I found that the company has co-invested in BCD tofu house chain in USA. They have businesses in Taiwan and Korea too.

When we visited the eatery, they had just started operation – somewhat like soft launch? But they were well-staffed and service was prompt. Once we were seated, the banchan (side dishes) were served. While most of the banchan served are quite standard, I was surprised to see two whole fishes being included. I guess for some folks, having these banchan with a bowl of porridge can make a good meal~


Now for the key dish – Seafood Soontofu. The ingredients used were quite fresh with prawns, clams, squid, mussels in the dish. Diners can customize their preferred spiciness level according to 4 scales (mild/medium/spicy/crazy hot). We went for the medium spiciness level which was indicated as standard level, but we felt that it was lacking in punch. For folks who can handle spicy food, it is advisable to go with spicy or more.


We ordered the combo which allowed us to chose another dish and we opted for Spicy Octopus. We were pleasantly surprised by the generous portion of the dishes, the combo of a main + a soontofu with a whole pot of rice is definitely filling for most folks. What I liked was the addition of broth into the hot stone to make full use of the scorched rice.


One observation we made was that Corn Tea is missing in the beverage menu. When we sat down, the staff asked us for our drinks order. Instinctively I said I wanted hot corn tea but was informed that they only have Soft Drinks, closest being canned green tea. Hope they will add in this quintessential staple drink in Korean home to their menu soon.

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