Epiphyte by definition of the dictionary means a plant that derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and grows usually on another plant (by Merriam-Webster).

The restaurant located in Duxton, is conceptualised as an infusion of food, art and nature. I got to know this restaurant from their instagram-worthy desserts such as Terrarium cake and galaxy cake.

On the day of my visit, when I walked over to the display counter, I was disappointed to see that the Terrarium Microwave rum sponge, chocolate soil, fresh mint custard, apple compote was made with brown sponge cake instead of algae green cake. The colour factor made a huge difference in how it looks. The brown was not as eye-catching as the green that would mimic the features of a Terrarium.

So I turned my attention to the galaxy cake Twilight Cointreau orange curd, chocolate sponge, Marbling chocolate mousse (contains alcohol). The dessert was as tasty as it looks, rich and smooth chocolate mousse with zesty orange curd in the centre.


I only got to know that the place has a dinner menu when I visited them as most of the photos on instagram featured their dessert only. While I was there, there seems to be some ongoing renovation on the 2nd floor and they are going to open a bar soon.

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