fArt tArtz

After establishing their presence in the East with their first outlet at Singapore Expo, fArt tArtz opened their 2nd outlet in a more central location – Chinatown.

When we arrived slightly after 8pm, the upper floor of the loft unit shop was almost fully occupied. Since we intend to have dinner, it is also more convenient to be seated in the normal table at the lower level compared to the high tables upstairs.


The food menu comprised of light bites, burgers, sandwiches and pasta. Having seen loads of pasta in a jar photo on instagram, it was finally my turn to try one. I chose the Chilled Prawn Angel’s Hair Capellini tossed with in-house sauce, olive oil, sesame, pasley, Japanese cucumber, fresh prawns, scallop and shredded nori which is one of their signature cold dish. While the sauce was flavoursome and appetizing, the portion was slightly small.

Thankfully we have another heavier dish Creamy Potatoes Au Gratin. Due to the use of cheddar & mozzarella cheese, this dish can be over-cloying when consumed in large portion, hence I felt that the size of this au gratin was just right leaving enough space to try their dessert.


It was a tough choice between Flower-Potted “Mud” Tart and the Lava Cake in Jar. Ended up with the smaller “Mud” Tart in Mango flavour. While it looked cute and pretty for photo-taking, its simply standard cheese tart topped with oreo powder. Nonetheless this cafe offers decent food at rather affordable pricing compared to some of the others congregating at Duxton area.

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