Old Hen Kitchen

After purchasing bottles of the cold brew from Old Hen Coffee Bar, finally got the chance to enjoy a meal with their coffee at their sister eatery Old Hen Kitchen. Over at the old nest, the menu was pretty much limited to simple toasts. I was excited to know that the new place has a slightly expanded menu with more mains offered and more importantly larger seating capacity.

Over at the new joint, they’ve also partnered Ippudo Tea Co to serve up a selection of Japanese Tea. I had the rich Matcha Latte but my heart fluttered when I saw artisanal coffee beans from Coffee Collective available.


Since my first visit till the time I got to write this post, I’ve returned to try their addictive and delicious Salmon and Soba sous vide salmon, warm soba, snow pea, edamame, carrot, red chilli, peanut, citrus teriyaki. What attracted me to the soba was the perfect balance between the sweet teriyaki sauce along with a subtle hint of yuzu(?) flavour, making it superbly appetizing.

On my return visit, we saw that they have introduced a CNY special of Orange Valrhona Dark Cocoa, the taste simply reminds me of the Van Houten Choc Neapolitan that we used to eat as a kid every CNY.


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