A.R.C Coffee

December has typically been a month whereby most folks (who are stuck in office and not clearing leave) are in a festive mood. With a less hectic schedule we were more keen to explore cafes for lunch to pamper ourselves. Our usual way of determining where to eat for lunch involves hopping onto a bus based on gut feel. As the bus moves on, we started to think of the possible food options along that route.

On this fateful day, we were cracking our brains to think of eateries that we haven’t been to when I remember that there was a coffee place nestled within the Kampong Glam/Sultan Gate area where our bus was heading to. After a quick search on Google, we found A.R.C Coffee.

A.R.C is abbreviation for Academy, Roastery, Cafe. Hence the space within the shophouse unit serves 3 purposes. ย We were obviously there for 1 purpose only – to eat.

The cold brew are served in cute light bulb bottles and on the day of our visit the brew of the day was “Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso”. Although I’m a coffee lover, I’m not a coffee connoisseur. To me the only bad coffee is the kind which are acidic and sour. I’ve usually avoided taking cold brew due to unpleasant experience of tasting bad cold brews previously. However recently I’ve started to occasionally take my coffee without milk in order to fully appreciate its original notes. I am pleased to share that the one served here belonged to the good coffee category~


Food wise, I was torn between Laksa Pasta and The Ruru Mian. Pictured above is the Laksa Pasta ordered by my lunch khaki. It was creamy, rich and almost too gelard (over-cloying) to finish. As for my Ruru Mian, it was al-dente spaghetti albeit slightly too savoury.


The desserts looks promising and what caught our attention was the Salt & Pop Buttermilk waffles infused with earl grey, topped with popcorn and homemade salted caramel sauce, served with Tahitian Vanilla Ice cream. Unfortunately we were too full to even share the dessert, guess we’ll have to wait for our next visit then.

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