Yuki Onna

When I first saw photos of the Cold Truffle Somen with Hotate by Yuki Onna on the internet, I told myself “I’ve got to try this incredible dish that has all my favourite ingredients in a bowl at an amazing price of $14.90!

Within days of discovering this eatery, I made my way down to Far East Square in search of this place. Far East Square is not alien to me as I used to work in CBD area, but I haven’t been there for quite sometime. After walking through the main stretch filled with pubs and bars, I can’t seem to locate Yuki Onna. Turned out that they are located at an area where other stalls don’t operate at night. For those who are familiar with Far East Square, they are located right opposite the famous Teh Tarik stall.


Due to the rather small shop space, the tables are set up right outside the five-foot way on the open area in front of the unit. I was so focused on getting my hands on the somen that I didn’t realised that Yuki Onna‘s key concept was the Make Your Own Bowl (MYOB) meal, offering quick yet healthy customisable takeaway meal to the busy office folks nearby. Other than the MYOB option, they have 10 pre-designed dishes available to customers who prefer a more protein-loaded meal. Ranging from don, udon and even sushi.

At first glance, one might feel that the somen portion is really tiny. But for $14.90, I would say its great value-for-money. The scallops were fresh, the somen were cooked to the right texture. There’s nothing more I could wish for, except “Can you include an option to have an upsized version?

For those who are still hungry after having the somen, you can treat that as a starter dish and chose the more filling items such as Truffle Beef Yakiniku Don ($16.90) as your main.


There is slight smokiness to the seared beef and the onsen tamago was perfectly executed.

I know I’m getting a bit greedy here…perhaps they can consider partnering some delivery vendors so that I can enjoy these delightful dishes at home?

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