Platform 1094

Platform 1094 is a wizard-themed cafe the popped up on a quiet stretch of shophouses along Serangoon Road. Having Harry Potter fans as lunch khakis meant we had to visit the place without further delay. It was such an impromptu decision that we went ahead without making any reservations, luckily we managed to get the last available table at the cafe.

Rather than saying that the cafe has Harry-Potter theme, I would say they are Harry-Potter inspired. The cafe designed their own emblem and the walls are lined with brick-like tiles to mimic the Hogwarts Great Hall, complete with a simple chandelier. The cafe also provided some props, including a range of wands available for customers to use for photo-taking. The long bench is probably the most popular table in the house with the Gothic style arch as a backdrop – there is only 1 arch in the shop the rest of the wall is plain brick-like tiled.

From the menus that are printed on wooden slabs, we decided on the “Poison” that we like. The Goblet of Fire blue curacao liquer, bacardi 151 and cinnamon powder is undoubtedly a crowd favourite. I chose the drink cos it sounds amazing, I wasn’t aware of the spectacular visual effects the drink has prior to ordering it. When I was asked to sprinkle the cinnamon powder, I was pretty conservative and shaking the bottle gingerly resulting only in minor sparks. On hindsight I should be heavy handed to create a more fiery fire~


Food wise we tried the Crab Meat Aglio e Olio spaghetti with crab meat, smoked salmon and flying fish roe tossed in butter beurre monte and FFL Classic Da Bomb Burger. FFL? you may ask. That is abbrevation for Fresh Fruit Lab, the owners first venture which is located at Changi Road.

Both dishes were reasonably good although the key highlight of our meal was the extremely entertaining and interactive beverage show.


We wanted to try their interesting desserts but on the day of our visit the signature Bloodberry was not available. But that gives me an excuse for wanting to visit them next time, with my wand and probably HP scarf  =)

For those who want to experience the magic potion, reservations are highly recommended as the place is usually more popular for dinner slots.

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