Hakodate Beer, Hakodate

After stocking up on a rather ridiculous supply of snacks and food at the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, we made our way to the Hakodate Beer (factory restaurant). I’ll have a post on the snacks & food we purchased later.

Note: there is a Hakodate Beer Hall which within the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse area and a Hakodate Beer factory restaurant in a separate building further down the road.  The one we went to is the beer factory restaurant which has beer tanks inside. Oddly the ambience in the restaurant is quite family-oriented with live piano performance. Totally different from what we are expecting.


Ordered the beer sampler with 4 types of beer – Weizen, Alt, Ale and Kolsch. My favorite had to be the Kolsch beer, followed by the Ale. Sadly I must say the beer here pales in comparison to German beers…although it was said that the beer here are brewed with underground water from Hakodate Mountain.

For photo sake, we also ordered this premium beer that is served in Hakodate Beer mug and it was stated that this has 10% alcohol in it, made with double the amount of malt. Hence the beer is rather rich and slightly bitter.


The food selection here is more of Western-Jap rather than izakaya style, hence don’t expect selection of skewers here… One of the stand-out dish, amongst the few that we tried, was the Three kinds of clams in white wine with butter. The sauce was filled with freshness of the clams and they were all very chewy. The potato salad was a tad too tiny in size, though potatoes are also especially tasty in Hokkaido.

Not forgetting to try Squid Croquettes (since Hakodate is known for squids). We knew that one of the famous dishes in Hakodate is grilled squid but we skipped that cos we didn’t want an overdose of squid so early in our trip. We have another 2 more days to spend in Hakodate to try it.

This is not a must-eat place but good enough for us to fill our tummy after a long day of travelling. We are gearing ourselves to grow our appetite for more great food as we progress along the trip.

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