Petite Merveille, Hakodate

Touched down in Hakodate amidst concerns that our flight might be re-directed to New Chitose airport or back to Tokyo due to strong wind in the area. Our flight was delayed by more than half an hour due to late arrival of the plane from Hakodate. With the road covered with snow, we struggled to lug our bulky luggage to our hotel. At check-in counter of the hotel lobby, a signage was displayed stating that the ropeway up to the mountain is closed due to poor weather. In my heart, I was hoping that the weather will turn for the better within the next few days as the night view from the mountain is the key highlight for most tourists’ visit to Hakodate.

After a short rest, we took a walk to the nearby Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse braving the strong wind and snow.

The first cafe we saw was Petite Merveille and the place was surprisingly empty! I read that the warehouses area is a popular tourist spot hence it felt odd that we managed to get a table easily. The staff was very friendly and generous with giving out free tasting portions of the cheesecake and pudding. Even without the tasting, we would have sat down to enjoy our tea-break.


Ordered their set (¥1000) that comprised of a bit of everything: 3 types of their signature bite-sized souffles – Caramel/Pumpkin/Original Souffle, Milk Pudding and Pumpkin Pudding.


The fluffy and light souffles melts-in-your-mouth and the rich dairy aroma fills your sense of smell. The pumpkin pudding was equally tantalising with its bright orange colour and the silky smooth creamy texture. I seldom eat pumpkin (don’t really like them) but this dessert is making me fall in love with Hokkaido Pumpkin.


It was a great start to my “fat-die-me” trip in Hokkaido, as I prepare to gorge myself with the huge selection of dairy products on this island.

Other photos taken earlier:

Enjoyed a feast in SQ lounge, for this period (Nov 16 to Feb 17) they are featuring Singapore-style Teochew cuisine both in their lounge and onboard selected SQ flights. I’ve seen some travellers’ pix of the in-flight teochew meal but it didn’t looked too appetising. Chanced upon it in the lounge and gave it a try. The braised pork belly was pretty decent – meat was tender but skin was too rubbery. Other dishes such as fried scramble egg, selection of side dishes goes well with porridge.  The Teochew dishes prove to be quite popular and ran out pretty fast once it was served in the catering line.


My maiden business class experience onboard SQ flight, hence a photo to commemorate this special moment.


For my inflight meal, we ordered the famous Lobster Thermidor and Grilled Chilean Seabass. The lobster portion was quite generous and texture was pretty chewy, however the rice was slightly too dry and the asparagus too soft.


Grilled Chilean Seabass was a more well-rounded dish, each of the elements were nicely cooked.

Excited to finally able to see Mount Fuji although from afar, it was good enough for me. I was disappointed that couldn’t see her on my last visit to Tokyo where I stayed for about 5 days and even can’t see her beauty even when I was at Gotemba


Another surprise awaited me while the plane was taxiing down the runway – ANA Star Wars plane was about to take-off. =)

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