Angelique Voyage, Hakodate

After having our breakfast, we took a walk along the bay towards the Hakodate Mountain where the numerous slopes leading to the harbour are popular photospots.

Nestled in the rather quiet neighbourhood is Angelique Voyage. I found this quaint pastry shop through Tabelog, they are #3 in Hokkaido under the “Sweets” category. After having a wonderful experience at Petite Merveille with their creamy pudding that uses fresh dairy products, I had high expectations for this shop which ranked amongst the best on Tabelog. Boy, I wasn’t disappointed! 


While we were hesitating what items to buy from the tiny takeaway shop (no tables seating at all), we noticed that customers were coming in to order Crepes. We decided to follow the locals and ordered a Ichigo (Strawberry) Crepe. The soft velvety fresh cream sandwiched with sweet juicy strawberries, wrapped in the thin crepe was heavenly! I’ve had crepes in Osaka/Tokyo from chains but this got to be the best crepe I’ve ever had so far! I felt elated to discover this hidden gem that beats any of the famous shops listed in travel guidebooks! This place seems to be visited mostly by locals as they pop-in and made quick crepe purchases in Japanese. We seemed to be the only tourists at the shop who took time to browse through the cookies and checking out what other items are available.

The bakery prides itself it using different types of eggs from specific farms and also dairy from free-range grazing cattles in Hokkaido to produce the top quality pastries. According to their website, their best selling is the Chocolat Voyage, which is truffle wrapped in fresh cream. These delicate sweets have to be kept refrigerated and the shop provides free ice pack that could last up to 2 hours for each purchase. Customers could purchase additional ice packs if you need to keep them out for longer period. As we would be exploring the town for the day it would be difficult to carry them around.

We also ordered the freshly baked apple tart topped with a creme brulee, we sat on the only bench within the shop and quickly gobbled down this warm tart before moving off.

It was a quick break but an extremely satisfying one. This cafe is totally worth your effort to track them down if you are sightseeing in the Motomachi area.

Earlier photos taken:


Saiwai-zaka Slope, the longest and the steepest slope running from Mount Hakodate to the port. Named 幸坂 by the city to wish ‘Happiness for all’.


This is another of the slopes that run parallel to one another, love how this particular road was covered in snow~

Interestingly the only absolute Chinese-style building existing in Japan is the Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall (right opposite Angelique Voyage).


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