Hasegawa Store, Hakodate

Another day was spent in Hakodate whereby the ropeway up to the mountain was closed due to bad weather. After having a late lunch, we decided to go with something light for dinner and bought grilled skewers bento from Hasegawa Store.

Instead of the usual yakitori (chicken skewer), the signature bento from Hasegawa Store (a convenience store chain in Hakodate) is their grilled skewer pork on rice covered with a piece of seaweed.

The skewers are freshly grilled upon order and the skewers can even be customised based on the taste: Grilled meat sauce, Salt and Pepper, Salt sauce or Spicy sauce.


We had ala carte jumbo pork with leek in grilled sauce and chicken meatball in spicy sauce. As for the bento set, we had the variety set in salt and pepper. You may have noticed that the seaweed has some slits in it, according to some sources the slits were designed so that it makes it easy for customers to “tear” the seaweed apart using chopsticks which was very thoughtful. Taste wise, we felt that the smokey flavour was missing from their skewers…


This was sadly another one of the Hakodate local establishment that didn’t live up to its hype and our expectations…

Other photos taken earlier:

After finishing exploring the Bay area, we decided to travel to the Tropical Botanical Garden to see something special. You may wonder why would we visit the tropical botanical garden when we are from Singapore – a garden island??? Answer lies in the pool in the Hakodate botanical garden which features monkeys relaxing in onsen (hot spring)~ This sight is only available when the pool is filled with onsen from 1st of December to beginning of May every year. The monkeys’ expression were very human-like and they seemed to enjoy soaking themselves in the hot bath while grooming one another.


We also captured an amazing sunset shot behind the botanical garden with a snow-covered beach. It was a pity that with such clear weather the ropeway was still not operating…


While making our way back to Bay area, we stopped by for a free hotspring footbath~ Located at the intersection, in front of the “Yunokawa-onsen” tram stop. After just a short 5 mins soak, your body would start to warm up. Do remember to bring a towel to dry your feet.


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