Lucky Pierrot Burger, Hakodate

After completing our exploration of the Motomachi area, looking at colonial style buildings/churches etc, we ended our walk at the bay area for a late lunch at Lucky Pierrot Burger. They are a popular fast food joint with around 17 locations – all exclusively found only in Hakodate and each outlet is decorated with a different theme.

We dined in the newer and bigger store at the warehouse area – Marina Suehiro Branch (next to a Starbucks) decked out in old American style complete with booth seats. It somehow reminded me of Swensens in Singapore with the stained glass lamp shades.

Once we stepped into the joint, we were greeted by this giant hamburger structure which doubles up as seating area for folks who are waiting for their takeout.


We tried the Grilled Squid, signature Chinese Chicken Burger and the Shrimp Burger. Not forgetting to pair our meal with a cup of fresh Hokkaido milk! The grilled squid was succulent and chewy, coated with a nice sweet gravy.


The Chinese Chicken Burger comprised of fried chicken pieces that is similar to karaage except it uses a bit more spices. To me it wasn’t that fantastic as I preferred the Shrimp Burger that has a tangy sweet-and-sour gravy.

We also passed by the first ever Lucky Pierrot Burger store – Bay Area Head Office (pictured above). The key selling point of the original store are the swinging chairs in a Merry-go-round theme.

The quirky and fanciful decor of Lucky Pierrot Burger joints are definitely a huge draw for many visitors looking for instagram-worthy posts.  I wished the taste of the burgers can live up to the hype of being Japan’s No. 1 burger…

Other photos taken earlier:


Expansive views from the Motomachi Park and the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward opposite it.


Old Branch Office of Hokkaido Government / Museum of Photographic History in the Motomachi Park and the Russian Orthodox Church.

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