Hakodate Morning Market, Hakodate

For two consecutive mornings, we had our breakfast at the Hakodate Morning Market so here’s a consolidated street food finds in the area. The market area has a few parts: an indoor grocery (fruits/veg) market which is connected to a food court, another indoor market selling fresh seafood and the surrounding street lined with individual shops.


We bought a box of ‘Light snow’ strawberries from one of the vendors at ¥2000 (S$25). Although it works out to about S$2.50 for a single strawberry, every single one of them was sweet and juicy! Extremely pleased to taste such high quality fruits, take my money~

We also stopped by the shop selling soft serve in the market area. Yes, we had ice creams in the morning at close to 0 degree temperature! If our mums were to know it, they would be shaking their heads in disapproval…. Ordered the plain soft serve and the squid-ink soft serve. Hakodate is known for its squid so it’s not surprising to see the black squid-ink flavoured soft serve here. The squid-ink taste was pretty subtle so it should be palatable to most folks. However the soft serve was a bit icy instead of soft and milky…not exactly the velvety smooth cream I was expecting…


Spotted a stall selling Hokkaido‘s famous Yubari Melon and we stopped to try 1 slice. These ultra sweet and juicy prized fruits are priced from ¥400-¥550 per slice depending on the quality. Of course we had to try the ¥550 (S$7) one, the flesh had an amazing texture – almost like watermelon with denser fibre and less crunchy. The quality of the fruits certainly justifies it’s price, no wonder fruits in Japan are so expensive. This yubari melon is a must-try if you see a stall selling them in Hokkaido as they are even more costly when exported and you probably can’t get to purchase them in slices.


This stall selling freshly sliced grilled squid is located a few units away from the ice cream shop in the market. I uncovered this stall while we were queuing at Uni Murakami. The savoury and umami-filled sliced squid is a great beer companion! At first tasting, one might feel that it’s rather salty but trust me – this becomes really addictive once you pair it with beer~ I regretted getting only the small pack…The group of diners queuing behind me also went to the shop and grabbed a few packets of this squid.


After exploring the area for 2 days, I was wondering why I didn’t see the famous live squid tank where people get to “fish” for squids? Turned out that there was another indoor market that I missed. Finally found it after venturing further but the squid tank was not available in winter. We strolled the indoor seafood market and was amazed by the size and variety of crabs/shells available. Unable to resist the fragrance from the grilled items, we tried the scallop. The scallop was chewy and succulent. We were convinced that the freshness of the seafood from any random stall in the market is almost guaranteed.

It was such a bliss for the locals to be able to enjoy kaisen don for breakfast in Hakodate, although it seemed like an indulgence to do so on a daily basis?

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