Pastry Snaffle’s, Hakodate

Although Singapore has an outlet selling Pastry Snaffle’s I’ve never tried them before. Took the opportunity to try them at it’s birth place – Hakodate. The Snaffle’s are not sold individually but in boxes. The smallest is a box of 8 and only in a single flavour. There is a box of 10 that includes 2 flavours. However there are a total of 3 flavours when I was there: Chocolat, Menkoi Ichigo Omelet (Strawberry) and Cheese Omelet (Original). We were concerned that we couldn’t finish a box of 8 within the short 2 days we have left in Hakodate. These Catch Cakes (as they termed it) has to be kept refrigerated so it would be difficult to bring them out as snacks during our sightseeing.

Thankfully inside the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, there is a booth that offers a tasting menu at ‎¥200 for 1 catch cake and a small cup of coffee. The “catch” is you can only enjoy it instantly at the standing booth, no takeaway allowed.


We tried the Strawberry and Cheese one and felt that only the Cheese flavour was worthy of its hype. The velvety catch cakes melts-in-your-mouth leaving an aromatic rich cheese flavour. Even so, IMO the other cheese souffle housed in Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse (in another block) – Petite Merville tastes better…

Notwithstanding the slight disappointment, we purchased 1 box of cheese catch cakes so that we could enjoy them on our rail journey to Kutchan. The key reason was because they are readily available from the JR station at Hakodate. Complimentary ice pack which can last for 2 hours is included and the staff wraps them nicely in thermal packs.


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