Snacks & Food from Hokkaido (Hakodate)

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that we did a rather ridiculous amount of shopping for snacks and food on the first day of arriving in Hakodate. There is a reason for doing so, because for our next stop, we would be spending a few days in Niseko Ski Resort area. It is understandable that groceries in the area would be marked up and the variety of products would be more limited. We could also make use of the time at the ski resort to do taste test of the snacks before deciding whether we want to make re-purchases (especially the Hokkaido limited edition products) before we leave for Tokyo.

So here’s our food haul:

Hokkaido Limited Edition ‘Black Thunder’ in white chocolate and pink coloured Strawberry flavour edition. In honesty, I prefer the less sweet Black Thunder instead.


Another popular snack is the Jaga Pokkuru that uses Hokkaido potatoes. It’s very crunchy and addictive. This item was well-received by folks who got this from us as souvenir from our Japan trip.


Other than snacks, we picked up some food items: Hori Pure Jelly and Ikameshi (vacuum pack). The jelly is said to have a texture resembling that of Yubari melon, I think it is indeed more dense than usual jelly but the melon flavouring still felt slightly artificial. As for the Ikameshi (stuffed squid with sticky rice), there are various brands sold in Hakodate marts but this particular brand is the famous ekiben from Mori. Although we would be passing Mori station on train, the stoppage time is too short for us to grab an ekiben so we bought this vacuum pack version when we saw it at JR station in Hakodate. We heated it up and tried it in our apartment and was impressed by the soft squid – although it has a rather strong briny smell.


While walking in the Hakodate Kaisen Ichiba (Seafood Market) はこだて海鮮市場 西波止場店, we spotted these exotic canned meat: Sea lion, Bear Curry and Hokkaido Ezo Deer Curry. Of the 3 I am probably only “game” enough to try deer meat…didn’t buy any of them though…


Lastly we stocked up on a variety of instant noodles since we would be staying in self-catering apartment in Niseko. Not because we are lazy, but I take this chance to try the instant noodles in Japan so that I wouldn’t need to carry them back to Singapore

Here’s our instant noodles feast – spread over a few mornings and not consecutive days (in case you are seriously concerned about our health…)

The best instant ramen we had was Ippudo Instant Ramen which came with the most number of condiment packets. Included in the package was a slice of Chashu, although the fish cakes and marinated eggs are NOT INCLUDED (they are add-on by me). This ramen had one of the most tasty broth from the batch that we bought, perhaps the black garlic packet served its purpose.


We tried another few premium instant ramens, once again Chashu was included but not the fish cakes, egg and ginger toppings. Although notably for the RAOH noodles, a slice of seaweed was provided.  We couldn’t find the popular porkbone flavour hence only got this red one which is soy sauce flavour. The RAOH noodles had a chinese soup taste and the texture of the noodle was least ramen-like as they were more yellow-looking, taste somewhat similar to “mee kia” (thin egg noodles).


After clearing the premium ramens, we moved onto the Nissin Cup Noodle series. Staring from Chili Tomato, followed by Cheese Curry and the Green Tea Noodles –one of the newest invention, only introduced in Jan 17.  From these 3, the only one that i would give a chance to try again is the Chili Tomato…it was the most decent one compared to the overly gluey cheese curry and the odd green tea noodles…Perhaps Chili tomato is not totally new to me as I sometimes order “Mee Tai Mak” with fishball in chili+tomato combi from Singapore hawker stalls. =)

The cheese curry had a rich curry flavour that lingered in my stomach and I could even still smell it when I burped… (>_<). I’m also adverse to gluey noodles like Lor Mee so this is certainly not my cup of noodles.

Words can’t describe the odd taste of the Green Tea cup noodles. Admittedly we gave up half-way and didn’t finish it…


We have 3 more Hokkaido limited edition cup noodles that we have yet to try.

And to prove that we also had decent breakfast, here’s a pix of sunny-side up with toast and ham =)


Heating Ikameshi:

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2 Responses to Snacks & Food from Hokkaido (Hakodate)

  1. Jimmy dumlao says:

    Hi! I bought a vaccum packed ikameshi in sapporo. Unfortunately the instructions are all in Japanese! May i know how you cooked/heated your squid pack? Thanks!

    • Hi, there are 2 ways to heat up the Ikameshi.
      (1) Warm the ikameshi and the included sauce in hot water for 10-15 minutes.
      (2) Remove ikameshi from bag and pour included sauce over. Heat in the microwave for approx. 2-3 minutes (400W-500W).
      I’ve included the photo I took of the instructions – though it’s in Jap but made easier to understand with pictures.

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