Kinotoya Bake, Sapporo

For any discerning foodie who had done their research on “food you must eat in Sapporo“, they would soon realised that “sweets” formed a significant portion on the list. Take a walk along the many shopping arcades or food halls within departmental stores and you would be overwhelmed by a bounty of pastry choices. I can’t help but wonder if Singapore is waging a war against diabetes, how could Sapporo citizens resist the temptations of these sinful desserts that are vying for attention in all the display shelves?

Upon arrival at JR Sapporo station, it was easy to spot Kinotoya Bake with its sleek and modern shopfront. We promptly made our way to get the freshly baked cheese tarts. These delectable tarts are selling at ¥1080 (S$13.50) for 6 pieces, which is comparatively cheaper than the other famous cheese tart store in Singapore.


Somehow the batch of cheese tarts we bought had sunken centre…which made them looked kinda pathetic in this photo. Other than the less than perfect looks, these tarts has a firm crust with rich cheesy and creamy filling.

Separately we also bought the Kinotoya Milk Cookies (from food hall in departmental store). I’ve tried this in Singapore when a jie-mei brought them back as omiyage. I remembered the light crispy cookie has a rich milky taste, reminds me of snacks for babies. Unfortunately this pure milky taste cookie was overshadowed by the fierce snacks competition and it soon got dropped off from our “To bring back” list. So stay tuned to find out what snacks eventually made the trip back to Singapore with us~


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