Menyasaimi Ramen 麺屋 彩未, Sapporo

Menyasaimi Ramen 麺屋 彩未 was another find through Tabelog whereby they were listed as the #1 ramen place in Hokkaido. After checking in to our hotel, we made our way to this ramen place which opens at 5pm for the dinner service. The shop is so famous that their location is even indicated on the map at the nearby Misono metro station.


We were slightly surprised not to see any queue outside the shop when we arrived but soon realised that there was an area inside the shop where the queue had been formed. If you arrive later, the queue would have extended outside the shop where customers have to wait in the cold weather!

As with many of the top establishments listed in Tabelog, this eatery is visited mainly by the locals;  we were once again the only foreign visitors. Based on our previous experiences, this is a good indication that the ramen would be authentic and tasty.

The menu is printed in Japanese accompanied with Chinese characters which made it easier for us to order our food without second-guessing or relying on translation app.  We ordered a Miso Ramen 味噌 (their signature) and a Shoyu Ramen 酱油 – both priced at ‎¥750 (abt S$9.50) each.

While we were seated at the counter waiting for our ramen, it is easy to notice that the chefs were constantly stir-frying the toppings before they are added to the ramen. The wok frying added a tinge of smokiness and depth to the ramen. Garnished with generous topping of Negi and a mini-heap of grated ginger, the warm broth was both comforting and deliciously addictive. I don’t usually drink a lot of the broth when I eat ramen but for this shop, I found myself slurping up most, if not all, of the soup (both miso and shoyu).


Misono 10 Jō Toyohira-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaido
北海道 札幌市豊平区 美園10条5-3-12

Earlier photos taken:


Collected 3 more stamps from the Kutchan Station, all featured the landmark Mount Yotei.


After spending the past 1.5 weeks in the sparsely populated parts of Hokkaido, for our 3rd stop we moved into Japan‘s 5th largest city – Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido. We were mentally prepared that life in the big city would be busy and crowded but we didn’t expect to experience it even before arriving at JR Sapporo station.

When the train pulled into Yoichi station, we were surprised to see a huge crowd at the platform and all of them boarded our train which was originally only half-filled. In an instance, we scrambled to shift our backpacks to make space to allow others to occupy the seats next to us. Out of curiosity I googled on what made Yoichi such a popular stop. Turns out that one of Japan’s top whisky makers –Nikka Whisky, has its main distillery in Yoichi and the place is open for tours.

The packed train condition persisted all the way from Yoichi to Otaru to Sapporo. SADLY this situation became the norm for the rest of my stay in Sapporo… what a way to welcome me…to experience the packed sardine life that reminds me of my home country…

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