Otaru Beer ‎Warehouse No.1 小樽ビール醸造所, Otaru

After strolling along the we stopped by one of the restored warehouse units to enjoy Otaru Beer. Otaru beer actually has German parentage as its braumeister brought over his knowledge to produce three regular ales — Dunkel, Pilsner and Weiss.

The brews tasted similar to typical german beers e.g Paulaner, Hofbrau but the brews here are made in Otaru, Japan.

It is not surprising that the warehouse unit exudes the ambience of a typical German beer hall and serves a decent range of German cuisines. You can find Schnitzel and bratwursts (sausages) on the menu as well as Jap-western dishes. This place is a stark contrast to my earlier experience at the Sapporo Beer Garden – which is more of a BBQ buffet place…

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a drink in Otaru (while waiting for the others to finish their shopping spree), this is a nice place to chill.

Photos taken earlier:

A cliché photo of the Otaru canal, thankfully before visiting the place I already moderated my expectations of this place and was prepared that it will be an over-hyped canal…Tourists packed the bridge which is the most popular photo-spot, myself included…but I moved off quickly after taking the shot.

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