Ebisoba Ichigen 一幻拉面, Sapporo

We visited Ebisoba Ichigen after missing out marginally on the lunch seating of a soup curry place. So by the time we re-routed to this ramen house we were quite hungry. Thankfully the place had no long queue as it was already late afternoon. We waited only about 5 minutes before getting seated.

Unlike other ramen places that uses pork as soup base, this place is well-known for their special shrimp soup ramen. Diners can customise their ramen by choosing the richness of the soup, flavours and thickness of the ramen. We ordered the Original Shrimp & Miso with thin noodles and a Moderate Shrimp & Soy Sauce with thick noodles.

We didn’t know whether tamago is included by default so we asked to add tamago, resulting in an overdose of eggs.

The original shrimp soup was already pretty rich in flavours and the moderate one has consistency that resembled our “Lor Mee”. I find “Lor Mee” too gluey so this moderate soup was also not my cup of tea. Unlike the soup, to me, the difference between thin and thick ramen was not significant. Cos the thin noodles are also not as fine as the hakata type, but understandably the staff recommended to pair the richer soup with the thick noodles.

The prawn-based soup was certainly a pleasant change from the traditional pork-base that made Ichigen stood out amongst the countless ramen chain joints in Hokkaido.

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