Soba Sakedokoro TSUKIJIAN 蕎麦酒処 つきじ庵 , Tokyo

Times flies as it was almost 2 weeks ago that I had my first meal in Japan for this current trip. Back then I sort of knew that I wanted to have a bowl of warm soupy noodles while waiting for our flight to Hokkaido but we randomly chose to dine at Soba Sakedokoro TSUKIJIAN after scouring through the directory at the Haneda domestic airport.

Admittedly during our first visit I did not take any photos of the meal since I assumed it was just a quick serve meal in airport. How good can airport food be? I was so wrong…and even airport food in Japan tasted extraordinary. I tried their Kamo Nanban Soba (Duck Soba) – Warm noodles served with duck and negi leek and got enchanted by the al-dente texture of the soba used. The restaurant was only half-filled during our first visit since we were having our meal in the late morning. We were not able to tell whether they were a popular restaurant from the dining crowd.

However we were so impressed by their soba that we revisited them again when we returned to Tokyo from Hokkaido. And this time round, we arrived near lunch time and even had to queue to get a seat at the communal table! Majority of the diners were Japanese working class men dressed in their dark suits, perhaps grabbing a meal before hopping on a domestic flight to other prefecture? In any case, I would say this restaurant seems to be doing pretty well for an airport joint.

For our second visit, we ordered the Ebi Tempura Warm Soba and the Ebi cold soba. There was even a fluffy egg in the warm soba with the large prawns. Having tried both the warm and cold soba, the warm soba was still my preferred choice with a soup based that worked well on my palate – not too salty and not too oily.

Initially we had doubts on whether our taste buds were playing tricks on us on our first visit, as we were hungry after a not-so-satisfying flight meal. However this 2nd visit, after spending 2 weeks in Hokkaido, proved to us that the food here is of certain calibre.

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