Kakigori Cafe & Bar Yelo, Tokyo

During our previous visit to Tokyo we did not visit Roppongi area. I still remember that during our dinner at Bird Land a couple of years ago, we shared with the local Japanese that we may be stopping by Roppongi area to take a look after our meal. Their response was “It’s dangerous.” and they actually dissuaded us from going. This time round since we had an early dinner, we reckoned the area could still be quite safe if we stop by en-route from Gaiemmae to Ginza. In any case, we did not plan to visit any of the notorious bars/pubs but just wanted to have a feel of the vibes of the area.

It helped that most of the shops in the area opens till late and we could stop by Yelo to enjoy a bowl of kakigori (Japanese shaved ice dessert). When we arrived at the outlet at 10pm, the shop was pretty empty cos presumably – the night is still young for an area like Roppongi?

We were spoilt for choices from the variety of kakigori available. Was tempted to order their Night kakigori which was a series containing alcohol…think Rum Tiramisu, Rum Raisin, Kahlua Milk etc. Wary that each bowl would be humongous, we reckon that we could only finish 1. Thankfully the place dining policy is minimum purchase of 1 drink/kakigori per guest instead of no sharing of kakigori

After some consideration, we decided to forgo the alcoholic ones for an instagram-worthy one. So here was my choice – Pastels! Rose and vanilla syrup formed the sweet colours of the shaved ice, adorned with Oiri (soft candy balls of Happiness from Kagawa prefecture). The candy balls are empty inside and melts in your mouth like candy floss.

We also followed the recommendation in the menu to add-on milk and syrup for the extra oomph. Without the add-on, the ice shavings at the top would be a bit tasteless as we only started to taste the sweetness of the milk when we were reaching the base of the ice shavings.

If you think that this pretty bowl of kakigori would probably be quite costly in Japan, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s even cheaper than having a bowl of Korean bingsu in Singapore.

After finishing our dessert, we took a stroll from Roppongi towards Tokyo Tower. The area was filled with florescent lights and undeniably felt different from other parts of the metropolitan city. With Japan being a rather homogeneous society, seeing foreigner was considered rare (although not that uncommon now in Tokyo). However this area has a significantly high proportion of big-sized black guy bouncers standing along the streets touting for business. Generally they left us alone as we walked pass swiftly and not pay special attention to them, they would be able to tell that you are not their target audience.

View of Tokyo Tower from Roppongi

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