Luke’s Lobster, Tokyo

Luke’s Lobster from New York opened their first outpost in Japan since late 2015 in Omotesando. Since then the lobster bun craze has captured the hearts of Japanese (and maybe tourists like us) evidenced by reports of long queues at the outlets across Japan.

When we turned into Cat Street from Omotesando we saw the huge signage of the eatery with a service window sans the queue! How could that be? Turned out the queue started a distance away from the order counter.

Since it was a weekend, we were not surprised to see the queue stretched all the way almost to the end of the small alley. One of us joined the queue while the other maximised the time by exploring the shops around the area =)

Lo and behold, I got back to the queue area after 30 mins we had advanced only by a short distance. Then I was told that we had joined the wrong queue earlier…What?! 

The queue we wasted time on was for another eatery at the mid-way point of the alley. We had erroneously thought that there was a break in the queue at a junction (just like the gap to the order counter) since there was a green cone placed to indicate the start of the “2nd” half of the queue…Even the guy in front of us was also misled into thinking that he was in the queue for lobster roll…

After sorting out the line, we had to wait for close to 1 hour at the right queue before we received our lobster rolls.

After an incredible 1.5 hours wait, here’s our Lobster Roll (cost around S$13) and Crab & Shrimp Roll (cost around S$17). Although the lobster roll seems pretty value-for-money, the bun was soft and the lobster portion was generous; sadly it was not worth the long wait. The crab & shrimp roll tasted bland. We had severely underestimated the clearance speed of the queue, it was painfully slow for take-out food. In my opinion, I am only willing to spend not more than 30 mins for these…

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