Snacks & Food from Tokyo (Part 1)

After 2-weeks in Hokkaido, I’ve accumulated quite a haul of snacks from the Northernmost Island of Japan. As Tokyo was my last stop of the trip, there was limited luggage space left to carry back the bulky snacks. Nonetheless nobody can make a trip to Tokyo Station shopping street and leave empty handed after seeing the huge variety of snacks available!

Here are some of my hauls. Visited Calbee+ to try their freshly fried Poterico (potato sticks). At the shop there were an overwhelming variety of Calbee snacks to choose from, including many that are labeled “Limited Edition”. A good marketing strategy…

This one looks like the normal prawn cracker but its actually Kappa Ebisen (Shrimp Flavoured Chips) dusted with coarse sugar. It’s a sweet-and-salty combination which may seem odd initially but I found it rather palatable. I guess the concept was similar to the sugar crackers (a well-known biscuit in the Southeast Asian region).

Also bought the Potato Chips with Chocolate & Nuts, however this was sadly a far cry from the ones from Royce.

The Tokyo Limited Edition Jagarico Local Specialty Series has 8 varieties of local specialty Jagarico from around Japan. Somehow this supposedly popular item – Jagarico was not my cup of tea. We preferred the JagaPokkuru (which we purchased from Hokkaido, this snack is also available at the Tokyo airport).

Got a complimentary pack of the Strawberry Ebisen which was prawn cracker coated with strawberry chocolate. I found this too sweet compared to the one dusted with coarse sugar.  They also have Chocolate Ebisen(winter edition) which did not interest me…

There is also a shop selling Tokyo Banana, since it was close to Valentines’ Day they introduced the Heart-print edition!

Other than the Snacks Street, there is also a famous Character Street inside the massive Tokyo Station. Sanrio/Pokemon/Doraemon fans would go crazy with the merchandises in the specialise character stores.

We also explored the old Tokyo Station with the iconic red brick facade and the recently restored rotunda.

One last item to check off from my “to-eat” list is the Cremia soft-serve. I’m not sure if this soft serve is available at Tokyo Station but it is available at quite a few locations throughout Tokyo.

I purchased mine at the Dolci Cafe Silkream at Shibuya. It is a cafe but also has a take-out counter for the soft serve. The creamy and milky soft serve was silky smooth and rich. Sooo good! We even saw a dog owner purchased 1 to feed her Labrador Retriever!!!

Be sure to try this soft serve that not only has quality ice cream but also nice and crispy langue de chat cone. I would trade a Haagen-Dazs ice cream for this!!!

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