At The Myo

At The Myo is the upgraded version of pasta stall formerly known as Sebastian’s Fusion Cuisine.  Previously located in the coffeeshop nearby and having tried their pasta before, we were certain that they offered good quality at affordable price. However one of our key gripes was the relatively early closing time while they were at the coffeeshop. Now that they shifted into a place of their own, they have longer opening hours (till 9pm versus 7pm in the past) which made it more accessible to folks who tend to have late dinner (like me!).

The place offers affordable pasta by running a tight ship, therefore it is a no-frills self-service place. I tried their Prawn linguine with uni cream sauce, topped with tobiko and local-fusion dish Hae Bi Hiam Linguine. The prawns used were fresh and the pasta had good texture. The Hae Bi Hiam pasta was pretty spicy and I didn’t like the addition of bacon. I’m a Hae Bi Hiam fan and will always be keen to order Hae Bi Hiam at porridge stalls or even confectionery if they have Hae Bi Hiam bun. It was a pity that this pasta version was not my cup of tea.

During our first visit, the Beef Don was sold out. We got to try it on our second visit. I found it odd that they have Don in their menu since their focus was initially pasta. But I guess it gave non-pasta eater an option. The beef was tender and the gravy was not too savoury.

I could feel my taste buds being stimulated just by looking at the bright orange coloured soup of the Tom Yum Prawn Spaghetti. The soup pasta was a good fusion attempt which was well composed. You might feel that it was simply just Tom Yum Soup + Spaghetti, but there was subtle tweaks made such that it was not too overwhelmingly “Thai”.

Not sure how the prawn paste wings made it into their menu, but I was excited to see it available at the place just when I had a craving for it!

At the time of writing this post, I must have visited them more than twice and I could affirm that they had always delivered perfectly cooked pasta.

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