Dapper Coffee

Most of my posts were actual visits to the eateries or restaurants, but the next few posts would be on delivered food as I suffered temporary incapacity of my foot…I also made use of the chance to try some food establishments that I could not taste while I am in office.

First, I need something to cheer me up after suffering the the pain of a sprained foot and the prospect being trapped at home for the next few days…It was a good opportunity to order the turquoise coloured Unicorn Tears from Dapper Coffee.

While the unicorn tears tasted largely like any sweetened lemonade, the effect from shaking the bottle and staring at the swirls from the silvery glitters can be rather therapeutic.

Although the Gold Brew was not as IG-worthy due to the less eye-catching colour, it offers value in a more practical way – in the form of the coffee caffeine I derive after drinking it.

So depending on whether you are a daydreamer or someone who has a pragmatic soul, there would be one suitable for you~ I’m pretty tempted to add a shot of vodka into the Unicorn Tears, but was under instructions to avoid alcohol while nursing my sore foot…

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