Many of the eateries within the CBD area only operates during the weekday for practical reasons, Ho-Jiak is also one of them. During this period where I was trapped at home on a weekday, I got the chance to try their food using delivery service.

The Japanese Rice Bowls had option of: Oven-Roasted Chicken Leg, Pork Shoulder Shabu, Beef Shabu, Chicken Karaage and even Cold Tofu with Roasted Sesame Dressing for Vegetarians.

Pictured here was the Double Goodness with Chicken and Beef Shabu and I tried my best to keep the ingredients intact as I plated them into the bowl at home. I’m not sure if they also kept the gravy separate if we were eating at the restaurant, but I appreciated their effort to keep it in another cup when it was delivered to me. The portion of curry given was really generous.

The roasted chicken had a nice glaze and good char. Juicy and tender, the chicken meat very much outshone the Beef Shabu.

Note that the place only serves the Japanese Don during the day as they serves beers/whiskies by night.

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