Trapped at home with limited mobility, I needed some happy food to lift my mood…So I decided to order some cakes from Suzette and have them delivered to me. Suzette located at Esplanade is a sister restaurant of Lola’s Cafe (in Kovan). I recalled attempting to visit Lola when they were making a splash in the cafe scene and during a weekday lunch we had to physically queue in line and told to wait for 30 mins for a table. Since then I did not make any attempt to revisit them.

Thankfully I could wait in the comfort of my home while the tasty treats get sent to me.

Ordered the Lychee Rosewater Cake Slice and White Chocolate Durian Tart. Paired the lovely cake with a cup of freshly brewed Gyokuro. I was mesmerised by the soft Swiss meringue buttercream which was perfumed with mild rosewater flavour. The sponge cake was light and fluffy, with bits of lychee fruit sandwiched between the layers. This somewhat reminds me of the old school buttercream cakes but in a much more elegant fashion.

The White Chocolate Durian Tart has a vanilla tart biscuit base topped with durian cream covered with torched italian meringue. Being a fan of Goodwood Park Hotel’s durian pastry creations (post), I must say this tart lives up to my expectation in terms of taste. However this might be a tad too pricey at $13 per piece.

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