Don Meijin

Being on a restricted (limited or no spice) diet for the past 2 weeks due to my sprained ankle, I had strong craving for a hearty spicy meal. Made my way to try Don Meijin‘s signature tendon which was making waves on Instagram.

I’m not sure why the stall is located within Ramen Champion in Bugis+. The entire Ramen Champion concept supposedly featured a variety of different Ramen styles by each stall. Hence it was easy to spot Don Meijin which was situated prominently near the entrance to the Ramen Champion.

Other than choosing the choice of tendon from the menu, diners can choose to top up their meal with a Ochatsuke Set where a pot of hot broth is provided. You can pour the broth over the remaining rice and top it off with a few simple ingredients.

Amongst the variety of dons available, I was definitely eyeing the Chilli Crab Tendon. The name of the dish might be slightly misleading, making people think of soft shell crab tempura. It should be noted that the tempura ingredients does not include crab, the crab element refers to the sweet and spicy egg gravy used for “Chilli Crab”. It is therefore a fusion of Japanese tempura and Singapore‘s iconic dish.

Considering that ordering a Chilli Crab dish at restaurants would probably cost around $80 for a 1kg crab, it is definitely a cheaper option to eat this don if the craving is only on the addictive gravy.

The thick gravy with fried tempura might be slightly heavy and over-cloying after a while, that is where the Ochatsuke Set comes in to help lessen the oiliness and richness.

Another jie-mei ordered the Mille Feuille Katsu Don, which was really unique. At first glance it looked like any normal katsu, but true to the name “Mille Feuille” (thousand layers) there were thin layers of meat stacked together to form the cutlet before being coated with the bread crust and fried.

I didn’t had the chance to try the Katsu Don after having the rather filling Tendon. But I do plan to return to try this Katsu in future.

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