Tsuta Ramen, Singapore

Maximising my time in Orchard road area to visit an eatery that caused quite a stir when it was unveiled that they would be setting up an outpost in Singapore. On the first few weeks of their opening, reports of long queues and waiting time was not uncommon. That was the charm of Tsuta Ramen. Their shop in TokyoJapan was the  first ramen joint to be awarded 1 Michelin star in 2016.

Thankfully when I arrived at 6pm on a weekday, I did not need to wait in line and was immediately ushered to my seat after placing an order at the machine. There are 3 types of soup base available: Shoyu, Shio and Miso. However their signature was the truffle oil blended Shoyu Ramen (soy-based sauce flavoured ramen).

Standard toppings included a slice of Char Shu, Bamboo Shoot, Leek & Truffle pureed in truffle oil and I added an Ajitama (marinated egg) to mine.

Based on my observations, all the seats in the shop are counter seats facing the open-kitchen. I was seated near the station where the staff was operating the slicer on their freshly made Char Shu. The Char Shu was much better than most of the other ramen joints as this was really succulent and tender, exceeding my expectations.

Noodles used are the thin and straight type (Hakata style) to go with the light Shoyu broth. My usual preferred ramen soup base is the rich Tonkotsu followed by Miso. Hence you can deduce that I’m bias against Shoyu ramen already. Nonetheless I tried to have the signature broth since it was their original and famous recipe. The Shoyu broth was light and clear but I was puzzled by the addition of the truffle puree and truffle oil that seems too overwhelming. The soup was so perfumed by the truffle taste that the efforts which had gone into making the stock using fully-matured soybeans, asari clams and chicken broth seems wasted. In fact I felt that the truffle taste made the soup tasted slightly bitter.

Not exactly my kind of ramen but the saving grace was I managed to try it without having to invest my time queuing.

[Update in Jun 17]

The Pacfic Plaza outlet was awarded Bib Gourmand in Michelin Star Singapore Guide 2017.

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