Marble Bistro

Marble Bistro could probably pride themselves as the only place in Singapore where you can find a 7-course meal at $38 per pax (no GST & service charge)!

The bistro describes their food as modern cuisine with the use of contemporary culinary techniques. Most of the dishes in the 7-course meal comprise of light bites except the main course.

We warmed our stomach with the Mushroom Macchiato essence of trio mushroom, truffle foam which was served in a cup such that it could pass off as a hot cuppa. Mushroom lovers would enjoy the earthy flavour of this broth.

Rustic Bread sourdough bread, smoked kombu butter, maple bacon chutney Sourdough bread was a bit dense but the special spread was the highlight. We cleaned out the butter and bacon bits.

Deviled Eggs spiced yolk mousse, pesto cone, bonito flakes, smoked shoyu quail eggs was well-presented. Love the crispy pesto cone and smooth yolk mousse combi.

The last finger food was my favourite of the lot – Fish & Chip aburi unagi, triple-cooked potato, wasabi furikake, tobiko Instead of the usual fried fish fillet, the fish was aburi unagi, placed on top of a slice of crunchy potato. An innovative interpretation of fish & chip in the style that resembles Basque pinxtos.

For the next course, there were 2 choices and we opted one of each with one cold noodles and one warm risotto. Although both were nice, I preferred the cold Prawn Pot Noodles somen, glass prawn, soft-boiled egg, chilled prawn tsuyu broth which was very Japanese style not forgetting the generous dose of tobiko topping. A refreshing small plate dish which I would love to enjoy on any hot day. P.S most of the dishes in the set course menu are also available as ala carte item though the course menu would offer more value-for-money.

The risotto was perfectly cooked to the right texture in the Crab Porridge pearl barley risotto, blue swimmer crab, kaisho seaweed, ponzu.

For the main there were 3 choices: Beef/Chicken/Pork. We tried 2 out of the 3 with Beef Steak 6 hr sous vide flank cut and Leg of Poulet 5 hr sous vide whole chicken leg served with charred seasonal greens, king oyster mushroom. Both the meat were tender since they had used the sous vide method to cook them.

Ended our meal with Double Chocolate Brownie with fig & manuka honey ice cream.

It was a satisfying and interesting meal as they attempted to create quality dishes at a fraction of the price one would pay in fine-dining establishment. I appreciate the eatery’s effort in offering a 7-course meal at $38 considering the amount of effort required to create so many dishes. They could have taken a short-cut route by offering a 3-course meal for the same price and just upsize each dish. From this I could feel the team’s passion in their cooking.

Hope they could continue to invent and introduce new dishes in their menu.

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