El Tardeo by Binomio

Based on my observation, Mondays are usually slow days in drinking holes. Was surprised to see that Binomio‘s tapas area was almost filled to the brim on a Monday so we decided to head over to their sister restaurant El Tardeo next door.

They serve a Tapas Tasting Menu for 2 pax at 5 dishes for $59 on top of the ala carte option. So we round up a few of our favourite Spanish tapas dishes starting with Fried Padrón peppers with sea salt. If I could borrow a slogan from a famous potato chips maker, these small green peppers were so addictive that “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. They seems so easy to cook and make good drinking accompaniment.

Another iconic tapas – Jamon and Chicken croquettes freshly fried with a light batter and warm soft potato mash inside.

Not forgetting the meat dishes, we had Salmon tartar served with avocado salad and “ajo blanco” sauce and Shrimps sautéed in confit garlic olive oil. Between the two I preferred the salmon tartar with the popular Spanish cold soup sauce. The milky and smooth sauce mixed with avocado and chopped salmon was one of the highlight of our meal. We wished the gambas dish could be more flavoursome as we didn’t really taste the olive oil and was missing a bit of the garlicky taste. It was somewhat different from the version we had at Binomio.

The final dish we tried was something new to us – Deep Fried Baby Squids served with slow cooked egg , asparagus & chorizo. Guess this was the closest we could find from the menu in replacement of calamari – a staple tapas dish of ours. I thought the chorizo was pretty salty and outweighed the baby squids in terms of ratio and proportion.

I guess if I had the choice, I would still prefer to dine at Binomio‘s tapas counter as there are more of my favourite dishes in their menu compared to the one here.

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