Smart Coffee, Kyoto

With slightly more than two hours to spare till our scheduled dinner appointment time, we decided to grab some light bites to replenish some energy after the extensive walking. Looking back at my tracker, I had already clocked 20,000 steps by 6pm versus my average steps of 5,000 a day during normal work week!!! I tend to lose weight during my holiday trips despite eating a lot more food due to increased physical activities.

Stopped by Smart Coffee – a Kyoto-based coffee shop that was established since 1932. We chose to visit this place cos it was said to have retained its decor of a classic Western-style kissaten (tea room/coffee shop). Other than Smart Coffee, there were several old-school cafes all around Kyoto and I was surprised that people of Kyoto are such hard core coffee lovers (though the region is known for producing high quality Japanese green tea). There is even a vintage coffee mill displayed outside the store front.

The place was reasonably filled and not too touristy.  It was said that the cafe uses home roasted original coffee beans that remained the same as the ones used from the founding of the shop more than 80 years ago. Ordered a cup of Smart Original Blended Coffee to try it in black – I seldom drink coffee without milk, but this was really smooth drinking, not too bitter.

The Egg Sandwich served here is the omelette type, where a fluffy omelette is sandwiched between soft white bread. Although the other star product here is the pancake, we wanted something less filling. The sandwich portion was just nice for us. Perhaps we visited at an odd timing where most people were already having dinner, the place was not packed and was a nice place to recharge our energy after a long afternoon exploring two famous temples.

Photos taken earlier: 

Our first stop post-lunch was to Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) also an UNESCO World Heritage Site – there are a total of 17 sites in Kyoto!

The entrance ticket was printed in a format that resembled a Chinese talisman, printed with phrases to bless the family, bring good luck and longevity. The original ticket was printed on white paper and wordings in black/red. I’ve altered the colour tone to gold for my post as its meant to be a sample.

The temple is charaterised by it’s ostentatious and glamorous facade where the top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. The temple interior is closed to the public so we could only admire the exterior structure. Although this picture made the place looked serene, this was the most crowded temple amongst the ones I’ve visited for this trip.  This was probably the most or 2nd most popular temple in Kyoto as based on my recollection, Kiyomizudera temple was even more packed when I visited back in 2009. For that reason, I skipped Kyomizudera for this trip.

Brochure of Golden Pavilion.

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