Osaka Naniwaya 大阪 浪花家, Osaka

Our 3rd stop at Tengo Nakazakidori Shopping Street arcade was just a few units away from the poultry shop that we stopped by earlier. In fact we overshot and had to backtrack before stopping this place where we wanted to enjoy a bowl of Kakigōri (shaved ice).

Osaka Naniwaya 大阪 浪花家 is actually a shop specialising in Taiyaki – a Japanese fish-shaped cake with red bean filling. However their dessert Kakigōri is quite popular too.

The best-seller is the ujikintoki, shaved ice with green tea syrup with generous serving of sweet red bean paste. However since strawberry was the in-season flavour, we went with it.

Given that a bowl of korean bingsu may easily cost $15 upwards in Singapore, this ¥1,000 (S$12+) shaved ice was considered cheap given its size! It may not look the part but its bigger than my face! Love the fluffy snow flake ice topped with fresh sweet strawberries.

Will try to have a taste of their signature Taiyaki at their main branch in Tokyo next time.

Photos taken earlier:

Picnic at Osaka Castle Park and enjoying the Cherry Blossoms.

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