PABLO mini, Osaka

Passed by the Pablo Cafe at Dotonbori around noon but decided that we probably can’t finish the 15cm diameter whole cheesecake during our stay in Japan (in fact we are flying off the next day and we wanted to try a lot more variety of food than be burdened by this huge serving of cheesecake).

We gave it a missed until we chanced upon Pablo mini where they sell the smaller sized cheese tarts.

There were seasonal limited editions while we were there – Cinnapple and Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry. I had to check that these flavours were available before committing to purchase a box of assorted flavours so that we get to taste a variety of flavours. The small size tarts are great for someone like me who wants to try a bit of everything!

So there you have it~ At the top tier were the regular flavours: Original cheese flavour, Chocolate and Matcha; and at the lower tier were the Strawberry (Pablo mini store limited edition), Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry and Cinnapple.

I like the limited edition Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry the most followed by the Cinnapple then the Matcha. The cheese tarts have a flowy filling and I ate them chilled so it was really refreshing.

People frequently compares between Pablo’s and Kinotoya Bake‘s cheese tart. In my opinion, I like the variety available at Pablo, but felt that in terms of original cheese tart flavour, the Kinotoya’s filling is richer and lighter.

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