551 Horai 蓬莱, Osaka

551 Horai is one of the most popular Chinese food chain in Osaka, famous for their Butaman (豚まん, pork bun). They have a high concentration of stalls littered all across Osaka and we also saw them in Kyoto. There is always a queue whenever we passed by the outlet in Kyoto hence we skipped it due to a packed schedule back then.

Got the chance to try their famous buns, which can be bought fresh or even as frozen food! Actually they also serve other Chinese dishes such as siew mai, gyoza etc. but were sold out when we visited them. The outlet that we visited even has a dine-in area serving Chinese food like fried rice, soup noodles etc.

In honesty, I don’t quite understand the hype behind these pork buns…They are as ordinary as our 大肉包 in Singapore. Somehow Chinese food 中华料理 seems pretty popular in Japan??? I recalled having passed by Paradise Dynasty outlet in Tokyo and there was a long queue to get in~

Another popular restaurant that we saw a long queue for is Chibo 千房 – a place selling okonomiyaki. However instead of getting an okonomiyaki, we ordered a gyoza teppan takeaway since it was sold out at 551 Horai.  It turned out to be quite an interesting find as their gyozas are served teppan-style. Instead of the usual dumpling shape, these are fried flat such that the skin are thin and crispy.

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