Meoto Zenzai 夫婦善哉, Osaka

After a satisfying beef yakiniku meal, we headed around the corner to queue for our desserts at Meoto Zenzai. The shop was established since 1874

Although there is a queue outside, it moves pretty quickly as they only serve 1 item – red bean soup. We waited only about 10 mins and were shown to our table. The tiny shop space only seats about 15 pax, most guests leave quickly after finishing their dessert.

Each person is served 2 bowls of the red bean soup, they are exactly the same. It was served this way as the name of the shop 夫婦善哉 means couple red bean soup. However the shop does not allow sharing of 1 serving. Each guest must have 1 set by themselves as it is bad luck to eat it separately by 2 people.

I must say the serving is really only for 1 pax. Although it is served in 2 bowls it is actually very shallow. We had no problem finishing it despite having a full meal before coming here.

They use local produced azuki (red bean) specifically the Tanbadainagon grown in Kyoto and Hyogo which is a premium variety.  They serve it with a salted kelp for guests to refresh their palate because it gives a great contrast to the sweet red bean. This dessert makes a great comfort food when served warm during the cooler season.  A mouthful of this deliciousness goodness would fill my heart with ‘Happiness‘!

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