Snacks & Food from Osaka

As with other visits to Japan, it is almost customary to include a post that round-up the snacks and food that I tried.  Starting with my favorite find: Ice-creams from konbinis (convenience stores).

Limited edition Raspberry Custard Haagen-Dazs bar was delightful both in terms of its sweet pink colour and its well-balanced sweet yet fruity combination.

Just when I thought nothing beats this limited edition flavour, I found another contender – Double Cookies & Cream, also a limited edition flavour. Love the cookie bits on the crust of the ice cream! This flavour is a lot sweeter than the raspberry version but was my #1.

Other than ice cream, we also tried a uniquely Osaka drink called “mix juice” (mikkusu juusu). It is a mixture of milk and a mixture of fruit juices like orange and banana. We went to a few convenience store before spotting this from a vending machine instead. How does it taste? It’s very sweet and with a consistency that is slightly more watery than milk shake.

Also found Melon-flavoured Calpis which sadly tasted way too artificial… I very much prefer the Peach-flavoured Calpis (see post).

Walked by McDonalds and saw the Hokkaido Melon flavoured milk shake which is hard to resist! Singapore‘s McDonalds no longer carry milk shake least to say Melon flavoured one! It tasted pretty good, not too artificial and not too sweet.

Our buying never stop and we brought back a pack of Kuidaore Taro Pudding. The attractive packaging was a huge plus, it even came with the cute cone hats and individually packed caramel sauce and crushed caramel packets.

Even at the airport, while waiting to board our flight we grabbed these Persimmon Leaf Sushi – a speciality dish from Nara. The salted persimmon leaves are used to wrap the sushi for preservation as they have anti-bacterial effects. The box of 3 pieces included Mackerel, Salmon and Bamboo Shoots. These sushi are convenient to eat and has a nice fragrant from the persimmon leaf. Chomped it down while onboard the short internal flight.

Last-but-least, even while transiting at Narita Airport, we spotted Coolish x Calpis. This resembles our old-school ice tubes, albeit in a modern packaging and it is Calpis flavour!

A whole row of Sakura trees lined up to bid us goodbye at Narita Airport~

More eating onboard our ANA flight. We started with appetizers of Sesame stick, Foie-gras mousse with apricot gelee and 2 kinds of olive and cheese with herb oil, and a glass of Champagne~

When flying on ANA, I always choose their Japanese meal over the International meal. For this flight we were offered Washoku from Nagano. Starting with Zensai (a selection of morsels), Nimono (Simmered plate) and Kobachi (Tasty tidbits).

Shusai (Main course) of Grilled Shinshu salmon with sake lees-based miso sauce, Steamed bun with nozawana green and Steamed rice with miso soup and pickles. Paired my meal with Junmaiginjo, a great plus of flying with ANA is their sake offerings!

Dessert wise, we had a Pierre Herme Paris and ANA collaboration – Emotion Infiniment Chocolat. Followed by a mini bottle of Baileys. =)

We also took the opportunity to order a light snack of IPPUDO “Soraton” (pork broth) Ramen. Although the smell of instant noodles always seems so alluring onboard flights, this bowl of ramen was a tad too savoury for my liking. They had probably tried to adjust the flavouring taking into consideration that guests’ sense of taste are likely to be affected on air.

My final souvenir brought back from this trip are the Starbucks cards from Kyoto and Osaka.

Added these to my collection of Hokkaido and Tokyo cards.

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