Patbingsoo Korean Dining House

Located in Plaza Singapura, situated right next to the escalator in B2. The rather open and awkward open-top location where Patbingsoo Korean Dining House occupies often had me wondering “what if someone dropped something from the escalator or the level above into my food?!“. Nonetheless this seems to be the least of other diners’ concern as there is often a long queue to dine at the eatery.

Although I’ve seen many instagram photos of the signature dish – Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs, we didn’t try that dish as we were trying to save stomach space for the dessert – the dish that lured me here. So we went for the simple dish of Tteokbokki and Ramyeon.


The tteokbokki was served on a hotplate which made it taste even spicier than it already was. However I thought the gravy was a tad too watery.

The ramyeon was served in a aluminium pot placed over a mini food warmer rack. The fun presentation not only made it look appealing but served practical purpose as the soup was kept hot throughout our meal.

Last but not least, the key highlight of my meal was the Sinsa Patbingsoo Rock Melon, Pat (red bean paste), Cornflakes, NataCoco, Vanilla Ice Cream.  This was certainly a dessert meant for sharing as it was too huge to be finished by one person. I loved sweet rock melon and the crunchy cornflakes created a rich texture in addition to the smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream. As one digs in further, you’ll find more generous ingredients hidden underneath. I certainly appreciate this type of bingsoo more than the usual ones typically filled with mostly iced shavings.

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